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Pokemon Episode Guide

Episode Number                                      Episode Name

          1                                             Pokemon - I choose you!

          2                                                Pokemon Emergency

          3                                              Ash Catches a Pokemon

          4                                              Challenge of the Samurai

          5                                              Showdown in Pewter City

          6                                             Clefairy and the Moon Stone

          7                                        The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

          8                                          The Path to the Pokemon League

          9                                              The School of Hard Knocks

         10                                          Bulbasuar and the Hidden Village

         11                                          Charmander - The Stray Pokemon

         12                                            Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

         13                                                Mystery at the Lighthouse

         14                                                Electric Shock Showdown

         15                                                Battle Aboard the St. Anne

         16                                                    Pokemon Shipwreck

         17                                               Island of the Giant Pokemon

         18A                                        Beauty and the Beach (Banned Episode Original name was Holiday at Acapulco)

         18B                                                Tentacool and Tentacruel

         19                                                Ghost of the Maiden"s Peak

         20                                                      Bye Bye Butterfree

         21                                             Abra and the Psychic Showdown

         22                                                    The Tower of Terror

         23                                                    Haunter vs. Kadabra

         24                                                   Primape Goes Bananas

         25                                                   Pokemon Sent - sation

         26                                                      Hypno's Naptime

         27                                                   Pokemon Fashion Flash

         28                                                    The Punchy Pokemon

         29                                                  Sparks Fly for Magnemite

         30                                                        Dig Those Diglett!

         31                                                 The Ninja Poke - Showdown

         32                                                  The Flame Pokemon - athon

         33A                                           The Legend of Dratini (Banned Episode)

         33B                                                       The Kangaskhan Kid

         34                                                       The Bridge Bike Gang

         35A                                            Electric Hero Porygon (Banned Episode)

         35B                                                     Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

         36                                                         Pikachu's Goodbye

         37                                                    The Battling Eevee Brothers

         38                                                         Wake up Snorlax!

         39                                                     Showdown at Dark City

         40                                               The March of the Exeggutor Squad

        41                                                      The Problem With Paras    

        42                                                         The Song of Jigglypuff   

        43                                                The Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon

        44                                                          The Chansey Operation

       45                                                               Holy Matrimony!

       46                                                        So Near Yet So Farfetch'd

       47                                                        Who Gets To Keep Togepi?

      48                                                       Bulbasuar's Mysterious Garden

      49                                                         The Case of the K-9 Caper

      50                                                           The Pokemon Paparazzi

     51                                                                The Ultimate Test

     52                                                        The Breeding Center Secret

      53                                                             Princess vs. Princess

      54                                                              The Purr - fect Hero

      55                                                                 Riddle Me This

      56                                                                  Volcanic Panic

      57                                                          Beach Blank - out Blastoise

      58                                                               The Misty Mermaid

      59                                                                    Clefairy Tales

      60                                                               The Battle of the Badge

      61                                                                 It's Mr. Mime Time

      62                                                           Showdown at the Po - ke Corral   

      63                                                                  The Evolution Solution

      64                                                                      The Pi - Kahuna

     65                                                                  Make Room For Gloom!

     66                                                                Lights, Camera Quack - tion!

     67                                                                   Hollywood Heartbreak

     68                                                                 To Master the Onixpected

     69                                                            The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis

     70                                                                       Bad to the Bone

     71                                                                          All Fired Up!

     72                                                                     Round One - Begin!

     73                                                                          Fire and Ice

    74                                                                  The Fourth Round Rumble

   75                                                                         A Friend in Deed

   76                                                                      Friend and Foe Alike

   77                                                                        Friends to the End

   78                                                                        Pallet Party Panic

   79                              Holiday Hi-Jynx! (This was episode 38 but delayed and this episode was cancelled after its 1st showing)

   80                                                             Snow Way Out! (This was episode 39 but was delayed)

   81                                                                       A Scare in the Air

  82                                                                         Pokeball Peril