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Pokemon Rocks Seattle

Pokemon Rocks America is now at the last stop Seattle.

Everyone that comes to Pokemon Rocks Seattle get a Aurora Ticket for their Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed to catch Deoxys.

At this event there is stuff like a stage show, costumed characters and a Pokemon Freeze dance!

Also there is a Pokemon Treading Card tent where trainers can Trade or Battle with their Pokemon.

On one side of there hall was the Union Room where people with Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed can Trade, Battle or Chat with the Game Boy Wireless Adapter. Alot of trainers didn't even wait to go in the Union Room before they challenged other players.

At 2 P.M. was the Video Game Tournament where People battled with their Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed games.

Also there was Stage Shows, carnival games, episode premieres as well as awesome prizes and free giveaways!

So come down to Pokemon Rocks America at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall today anytime before 4 P.M. this is the last big Pokemon of the year and you wouldn't want to miss it!

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