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Pokemon Rocks Atlanta

Pokemon Rocks America is now in Atlanta.

There are over 500 people at this event.

They gave away Game Cubes, Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed games and more!

There were also Pokemon Destiny Deoxys posters, stickers, figures and videos all over the place!

The event ended a little late because alot more people where coming in after.

Next week the party will be in Minneapolis.

At this party there was Pokemon carnival games, Pokemon stage shows, live Pokemon costume characters, Pokemon retail store selling exclusive Pokemon merchandise, everybody having fun, playable kiosks with Pokemon games like Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen and Pokemon Box, lots of prizes, giveaways, preview of upcoming product, a TV screen showing exclusive Pokemon footage of the television show and dedicated Pokemon fans from all over the world.

Also you can get a exclusive Aurora Ticket download to help you catch the mysterious Deoxys! Only available at Pokemon Rocks Atlanta, Minneapolis and Seattle. This awesome exchange lets you have a go at catching Deoxys the mysterious visitor from outer space who is the star of the next Pokemon movie.

Also you can use your Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed to go to the Union Room and then you can exchange Pokemon with the the new Game Boy Wireless Adapter or you can receive Pokemon from qualified trainers? There are also wireless battle tournaments set for today along with free prizes their game booths, like videos, Pokemon figures, trading cards and more.

If you want to come to this party come down to Lenox Square check out Pokemon Rocks America, Atlanta!

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