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New Episodes of Pokemon on GBA Video

There are now 2 new Pokemon GBA Videos released.

There are two new cartridges the first one is Pokemon - I Choose You! on this episode Ash first starts his journey as a Pokemon trainer also this is the 1st episode and the second one is Here Comes the Squirtle Squad on this episode Ash meets Squirtle for the first time and Squirtle was with other Squirtles getting into trouble but Ash help them and then they didn't get into trouble again and one of the Squirtles came with Ash too. 

On the second cartridge there are to other episodes the first one is Beach Blank Out on this episode Ash's Squirtle meets the Squirtle Squad again but something is wrong all the Squirtles are falling asleep when they go by Blastoise's and then they found out that Jigglypuff was inside Blastoise's shell singing and the second one is Go West, Young Meowth on this episode Meowth talks about how and why he learned how to talk.

The two new game cartridges are:

Cartridge 1 is playing Pokemon - I Choose You! and Here Comes the Squirtle Squad

Cartridge 2 is playing Beach Blank Out and Go West, Young Meowth

Now you can watch these episode any time you want with the GBA Video!


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