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Pokemon (Orange League) Characters | Pokemon (Orange League) Episode Guide

Pokemon (Orange League) Episode Guide

Episode Number                               Episode Name

          83                                            The Lost Lapras

          84                                              Fit to be Tied

          85                                          Pikachu Re - Volts

          86                                           The Crystal Onix

         87                                                In the Pink

         88                                               Stage Fight!

         89                                           Bye, Bye Psyduck

         90                                               Shell Shock

         91                                          The Joy of Pokemon

         92                                            Navel Maneuvers

         93                                              Snack Attack

         94                                          A Shipful of Shivers

         95                                             Meowth Rules!

         96                                         Tracey Get Bugged

         97                                         A Way Off Day Off!

         98                                     The Mandarin Island Mismatch

         99                                       Where Art Thou, Pokemon

         100                                     Get Along Little, Pokemon

         101                                          The Mystery Menace

         102                            Beauty and the Beach (the 2nd version of the Banned Episode 18A)

        103                                            Bound For Trouble

        104                                              Charizard Chills

        105                                           Pokemon Water War

        106                                           Pokemon Food Fight

        107                                          Misty Meets Her Match

        108                                         Pokemon Double Trouble

        109                                           The Wacky Watcher

        110                                           The Stun Spore Detour

        111                                                Hello Pummelo

        112                                              Enter the Dragonite

        113                                                Viva Las Lapras

        114                                          The Underground Round Up

        115                                                 A Tent Situation

        116                                                A Rivalry Revival